>> About us
Our history
2000  Started the computer case, mouse, keyboard selling.
2004  Set up Computer case factory ,started OEM for the domestic brand.
2006  As a turning point, Registered Hong Kong company, opening the international markets.
Set up 19” rack-mount /Server case/ITX case,PC case factory, started OEM for the domestic brand.
2009  Open a new era: Company step to group, products expand to diversify. Products expand to external
HDD enclosure, internal card reader, Slim external DVD-RW, etc
2010  Develop and release HTPC Media case.
2011, Create the brand TGC, starting develop channel distributors and resellers. Release Firewall server chassis, NVR server chassis
2012 Factory expand to 3 plants, realize molding, stamping, painting, plastic injection, assembling, warehouse one-stop management
Invest to server power supply
2013 Strengthening on OEM/ODM business, providing tailor-made and customize server products to several China big enterprise

Our factory facilities


            Factory park                           Stamping machines                Mold room


      Flow assebling line                    Spacious office


Our philosophy

Emphasis on R&D, sales and production go hand in hand, strive to walk in the forefront of the market and customer demands


Seeking for a reliable and long-term partner and committed to mutually beneficial cooperation, thanks for a short-sight chance business

Our strengths


We focus on chassis/case/enclosure products manufacture. We have professional production equipment, professional R & D, purchasing, sales, accounts, logistics, services team.

OEM/ODM ability

We have 7 years OEM/ODM experiences with domestic and foreign brands. Own tools & molding, production machines imported from Germany, Japan and Taiwan,

South-Korea. Skillful R&D stuffs. all these makes us have the strengths and abilities.

New & Fashion

We strive to walk in the forefront of the market and technology, and constantly develop new products, focusing on new and environmental protection


From design to sales and to transportation and every aspect, we tried to do the most meticulous and the best


We tried to group of companies and diversified business. To provide customers one-stop shop, allowing customers to save time, save more energy and save more

money. We are trying to become a China steward for customers


Focus on quality, for us it is not an empty slogan, we provide quality assurance and after-sales service for each of our products

We are in strict accordance with ISO 9001 international quality standards production and environment protection measures and production workers human rights. We

are SGS and TUV partner


We have a reasonable price to customers, and profit sharing to customers

We increase efficiency by reducing the intermediate links, to seek a better alternative raw materials, better production methods and arrangements to reduce unit costs.

The same price, we strive to do better quality, better design, better packaging, better services, to provide more extra-value to customers

We firmly believe that there is no lowest price, we won’t sacrifice product quality and company reputation to obtain a one-time business



Our Logo& Brands

The TGC three letters are from the Tango Computer(Foremer name of Donghe Enterprise). Its Italic arrangement, means fashion, advanced and technology sense. The

left Pyramid patterns and the step up stairs, represents our rational and passion and optimistic life attitude, and our pursuit of perfection and excellence entrepreneurial

spirit, and also inspires all people no matter how his gender/age/religion/nationality/wealth that tomorrow will be better and better

Our products and markets

Server chassis & accessories, pc peripherals, Pad products

Currently, our products are sold to around the world, but our computer products mainly concentrated in the Northeast Asia, North America, southern Europe and the

Middle East. We welcome all friends and guests to distribute our products and brand, and we also provide customers OEM services for products and brands which

tailored to meet the customers’ localization needs